Quifas is an innovative cryptocurrency exchange which offers excellent customer service, multilingual support, great security, high liquidity, fast account verification and upgrades with no withdrawal limits.
Quifas is an innovative exchange which solves the main issues of other exchanges:

  • Difficulties with registering new users.
  • Increased vulnerability to hacker attacks
  • Poor customer service
  • Delayed account upgrades
  • Inefficient Multilingual support
  • Low withdrawal limits.
The QFS token is based on ERC 20 standard. It’s a utility token and will be an irreplaceable part of our Quifas exchange.
QFS tokens are used on our exchange in three ways:
  • Zero Trading Fee - token holders will be able to use Quifas token (QFS) to buy other crypto asset such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, etc on the Quifas exchange with zero trading fees.
  • Trading Fee Discount for Non-QFS Token Transactions - holders of QFS tokens will be able to pay trading fees for non-QFS token purchases at a great discount up to 60% if fees are paid using QFS Tokens.
  • Selection of New Coins To Be Listed - QFS Token holders will have an opportunity to express their opinion on which coins get listed on the exchange.
Token sale starts on March 9th.
The Soft Cap of the project is 3 million USD, the Hard Cap – 35 million USD.
Maximum supply of QFS tokens is 200 million QFS. All unrealised QFS tokens will be burned.
The basic price of 1 QFS token is 0.40 USD.
The minimum investment amount is 0.1 ETH.
The Pre-Sale stage is scheduled to run from March 9th till March 23rd, 2018, while the ICO is planned from April 6th till May 7th, 2018. To clarify the timing, follow the information on the website.
Yes, KYC requirements will be applicable.
Estimated time for the implementation of this functionality is June 2018. To clarify the terms - follow the official information on the website and via our accounts on social networks.
BTC and ETH will be accepted during the QFS tokensale.
QFS tokens will be listed on the Quifas Exchange 3 weeks after the end of the token sale.
To resolve issues related to the purchase of tokens or other problems, please, write us via e-mail, or ask your question in our Telegram chat.